SierraRios: payment options


If you wish to make a donation to SierraRios nonprofit, go to the donation webpage. For those joining SierraRios LLC river trips or making other purchases from the LLC, use one of the payment options below:

(1) Credit Card: you can make a payment for up to $500 with no extra fee at the following: SquareUp payment center. If the payment due is above $500, you will also be responsible for a surcharge of 2% on that payment made due to the high cost of credit card fees (i.e. for large payments, better to use one of the methods below). If you select a custom payment amount, be sure to write a "note" about what your payment is for. Although it will always ask for a shipping address, only book or equipment purchases will actually involve something shipped. Also, although it may say "Donation" such custom amounts are not donations, and you don't need to get a Square account to make a payment - just click "Checkout as guest".

(2) PayPal : make the transfer to Include a note what the payment is for. If your payment due is >$500 and there is a fee associated with the transfer, there will be a 2% surcharge on your final invoice.

(3) Direct Bank Transfer: If you have a large payment to make, one way to do so is a direct bank transfer. If you have a Wells Fargo branch near you, you can make a deposit to the main SierraRios LLC operating account # 6020 01 6975. This can be for any amount and will save you 2% compared to using a credit card. Please send a note to regarding the deposit and mark your name on the deposit slip.

(4) SurePay If you have a Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or Chase bank account, you can make a transfer online free of charge using SurePay. This can be for any amount up to $2000 per day and will save you 2% for large payments. Make the transfer to SierraRios LLC Wells Fargo account # 6020 01 6975; routing # 122 000 247.

(5) Cash : In some cases, the final balance can be paid as cash upon arrival at the rendezvous point. However, prior approval for this must be obtained.

(6) Transferwise: This transfer method usually has the fewest fees for international money transfers from Europe, Australia and Canada. Go to the Transferwise site and login (or create an account if you don't have one). Make the transfer to the account below.

(7) Wire Transfer: For large international money transfers (from outside of the USA), often the best method is to make a wire transfer from your bank to the SierraRios account below. Usually a set fee is charged.

Details to make a payment to SierraRios LLC are below:

Wells Fargo Bank Address & Phone#
Account name: SierraRios LLC Wells Fargo Bank
Account #: 6020 01 6975 4725 Clairemont Dr.
Routing #: 122 000 247 San Diego, CA, 92117
SWIFT #: WFBIUS6S 858-483-1395

If you want to join a SierraRios LLC river trip, you will need to provide a deposit to reserve your place on a trip ($500 for a trip up to 10 days; $1000 for trips >10 days). This will also help assure the trip continues to be scheduled. General rates assume a deposit is provided 3+ months in advance of the launch date. Full contribution must be received 2 weeks before the trip (if late on deposit or on full payment, add 10% to total contribution amount). Current trip contribution rates can be viewed at the links below:
Contribution: General

We reserve the right to cancel the trip 60+ days in advance. This generally will occur only if there are not enough paying participants signed up (generally if <8). If we cancel the trip for this reason, all deposits and payments will be refunded. If a trip is cancelled for reasons out of our control (war, catastrophy, drought, flood, etc), you may not be due any refund. It is best to have a travel insurance policy to protect against such situations.  

If you must cancel, you'll get all of your money back if you find someone comparable to take your place on the trip who pays at least the same rate. Otherwise, you will not be due any money back. It is best to have a travel insurance policy to protect against such situations.

If you are using a credit to apply toward the cost of a trip, please review the Credit Policy page so you know how it will be treated.

Full payment for trips is due 2 weeks before departure date. Discounts and the damage deposit will be refunded after the trip. If full payment is provided <2 weeks in advance, add 10% to the full contribution amount. If full payment is not made by the time a trip commences, add 100% to the total contribution amount.

TRAVELER'S INSURANCE: We strongly recommend that you get a travel insurance policy that covers emergency trip cancellations, evacuations, medical treatment, theft, loss of equipment, missed flights, war, drought, hurricanes, or other circumstances that might arise during your travel abroad and lead to loss of equipment/travel/trip. You can find these insurance policies through Squaremouth, Travelguard, and Travelsafe. On some newer trips with more risks involved, we may require proof of such insurance. You are are not due any refund for cancelling your trip. You are responsible for your own missed flights, evacuations, medical costs, and baggage/equipment loss before and during the expedition. We are not responsible for refunding money if trips are cancelled or end short for reasons out of our control.