SierraRios offers kayak and kayak/raft trips down several rivers (currently in Mexico and Peru). Trips are suitable for kayakers (intermediate or advanced), oarsmen, raft paddlers, IKers, or passengers. If you are interested in any of these trips, please click on a link or contact Rocky Contos, who is organizing them. Private groups (either inexperienced or experienced boaters) are also welcome to contract OUTFITTING SERVICES for their own trip. Below is a list of potential trips and scheduled launches for the coming year.
MARANON (UpperGC) Jun12 Jun28 Aug18 Oct10 May-Oct 12 days 127 miles PERU Huaraz IV(V)
MARANON (CentralGC) Jun25 ----- Sep1 Oct23 all year 14 days 180 miles PERU Trujillo III-IV
MARANON (Pongos) Jul25 all year 10 days 230 miles PERU Bagua III
HUALLAGA -- all year 12 days 300 miles PERU TingoMaria II-III
PAMPAS-APURIMAC -- May-Nov 18 days 240 miles PERU Cusco IV(V)
URUBAMBA (V.Sagrado) -- mid-Apr 6 days 120 miles PERU Cusco III-IV
URUBAMBA (Selva) -- mid-Apr 8 days 140 miles PERU Cusco III-IV
COTAHUASI May24 May-Sep 7 days 100 miles PERU Arequipa IV (V)
COLCA Jun2 May-Sep 5 days 100 miles PERU Arequipa IV (V)
USUMACINTA Jan14 Mar2 Mar9 Mar16 Mar23 all year 6 days 88 miles MEXICO Palenque III
LACANJÁ Apr22 all year 6 days 65 miles MEXICO Chiapas III-IV
LA VENTA Oct22 all year 6 days 65 miles MEXICO Chiapas IV
MULATOS-AROS Aug18 Aug30 Jul-Sep 9 days 144 miles MEXICO Tucson III-IV
CONCHOS -- Aug-Sep 8 days 109 miles MEXICO Tucson III-IV
PIAXTLA -- Aug-Sep 7 days 108 miles MEXICO Mazatlán III-IV
PRESIDIO -- Aug-Sep 6 days ~70 miles MEXICO Mazatlán IV
RIOS DE COLIMA -- Sep-Oct 7 days ~100 miles MEXICO P.Vallarta III, IV