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Author Title Topic Journal Year PDF
Billings The Río Marañón: A Free-Flowing River in Peril Marañón AW 2017 PDF
Contos Wasson's Landslide: the most notorious rapid on the Grand Canyon of the Amazon Marañón AW 2016
Contos The Grand Canyon of the Amazon: Río Marañón Marañón AW 2013
Contos Incan ruins in the Grand Canyon fo the Amazon to be drowned Marañón AW 2013
Contos Help stop 15+ dams planned for the Upper Amazon Marañón AW 2013
Contos Río Marañón Marañón InternationalRivers 2013
Contos A First Descent Fiesta on Río Huevachi Huevachi AW 2010 PDF
Contos Barranca Sinforosa: a Grand Canyon in Mexico Sinforosa AW 2008 PDF
Contos Exploring Mexico's Copper Canyon Urique AW 2006 PDF
Contos First Descent of Río Chínipas: a to-be class IV Mexican Classic Chínipas AW 2010 PDF
Contos Ineluctable Defiles on Río Sirupa Sirupa AW 2006 PDF
Contos Mexico, Paddling, and Drugs Drugs AW 2010 PDF
Contos Río Piaxtla: a First Descent through the Deepest Canyon in North America Piaxtla AW 2011 PDF
Contos Río Mulatos-Aros: the Best Raft Support Trip in Mexico MulatosAros AW 2012 PDF
Contos The Eddy of No Return Ameca AW 2007 PDF
Contos The Usumacinta Wilderness Secured Usumacinta - 2010
Contos Access Denied: Guatemalan Villagers threaten/detain members of thwarted Río Copón expedition Copón Canoe&Kayak 2012
Contos Testing the Usu Usumacinta Canoe&Kayak 2012 PDF
Contos Blind Adventurer Kayaks Biggest River in Mexico Usumacinta AW 2012 PDF
Diegel Mezquital; a Mexican Wilderness Adventure Mezquital AW 2001 PDF
Diegel Rocky Contos: a Profile Rocky AW 2007 PDF
Elbein Saving the Last Wild RIver Marañón Men'sJournal 2017
Griffith Griffith notes trip1_(1952) Urique - 1952
Griffith Griffith notes trip2_(1952) Urique - 1952
Jenkinson Treasure of the Sierra Madre: the Río Urique Urique book 1971
Mattox Down the Rio Urique of Mexico Urique Adobe WW 1975 PDF
O'Reilley Lady on a River of Rock (Cross Expedition) Urique Sports Illustrated 1963 PDF
Wasson First Down the Maranon Marañón SAE 1978
Williams Rocky Contos: a Profile Rocky Kayak Session 2009 PDF
Williams Rocky Contos: Paddler, Neuroscientist Rocky Canoe&Kayak 2011 PDF
Yaqui_ElAguila_Annual Yaqui_ElAguila_August
Yaqui_ElNovillo_Annual Yaqui_ElNovillo_March
Sirupa_Annual Sirupa_August
Fuerte_Huites_Annual Fuerte_Huites_August
Urique_Siquirichi_Annual Urique_Siquirichi_August
Urique_UriqueII_Annual Urique_UriqueII_August
Chínipas_Annual Chínipas_August
Septentrion_Annual Septentrion_August
Choix_Annual Choix_August
SanPedro_Annual SanPedro_August
Bavispe_Annual Bavispe_April
Escalante Report (2005)